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Glass is amazing! It’s a suspended liquid that moves and flows. It changes with light and the lack of light! It's smooth and glossy, it has texture and depth. It's cool, it's hot, it melts, but is strong. It sparkles. It shines. It even casts rainbows. Oh glass, how I love you!

I'm Susan, a stained glass artisan. I also work with fused glass, and make handcrafted jewelry.

This, my blog, it's where I post pics, ramble on, and share things that catch my eye, turn me on, spark a reaction, or that I just plain like. You can find pictures of projects in progress here, instead of just the finished pieces on Etsy.

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Magnolia and Irises, ca. 1908 
Louis Comfort Tiffany (American, 1848–1933); Tiffany Studios
Leaded Favrile glass; 60 1/4 x 42 in. (153 x 106.7 cm)
Anonymous Gift, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Frank, 1981 (1981.159)

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Alphi Phi Red Dress Gala 2014 Donation Piece - Work in progress

Not wanting to cut the tiny pieces for the center fused glass insert, I thought painting the logo on would be the route to go.  But then, hey, there was that long ago purchase of “Flexi-Glass” shelved away somewhere.  This might be the perfect project to try it out.

This is my first attempt.

First, the frit being used here is fine.  I think powdered would probably work better, but really wasn’t keen on purchasing a new bottle for a test run.

I poured some onto a section of the transfer sheet and mixed in the red frit.

After heating it per the bottle’s instructions (in the oven), it dried to a flexible, peel-able sheet.  Hmm, it looks very much like a ‘fruit roll-up’.  I must be hungry.

Next the letters were  traced & cut with a razor knife with a blade in need of replacement so my edges weren’t clean, but the general shape is good.  (Note to self:  purchase blades!)



The Peacock Room, Davenport Hotel, Spokane Washington

Constructed in 1914, Davenport Hotel was completely restored in 2000. Above is the stained glass ceiling in The Peacock Room Lounge.

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We’re a big fan of all the awesome glass pieces joemakesglass posts to deviantART! 


One of my best friends and favorite artists! Check out Joe’s amazing glass work. *u* He does a crazy amount of awesome fandom glass and a lot of cool original creations!

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Guys, i was featured on deviantart’s tumblr today, and i’m just overwhelmed at all the interest and support i’ve been getting.  So amazing.

(Sound of applause & cheering)   Congratulations!  Welcome back! 

It’s that time of year again …I have been solicited by Nori Ann again this year for a donation piece for her sorority’s Red Dress Gala.  Last year, it was such a last minute thing that I just made a big giant logo panel.  (2nd pic.)

I planned ahead this year and created a pattern for an abstract colorful panel, with a smaller version of the logo at the center.  

Being gratefully super busy, this spring through now, I didn’t have time to work on the piece and find myself trying to fit it in at the last minute again. 

Chicago Condo Transoms - Install Day

Chicago Condo Transoms:

Install day came around.  First we had to uninstall the existing panels designed, constructed and installed by my friend and fellow glass artisan, Adrienne McConnell of Aurora Art Glass (she also has a jewelry component shop on Etsy called Steampunk And Stones).

These windows form a beautiful sky scene that moves from the moon to the sun across the upper transoms of two rooms.  There was no defect.  After years of being installed, the client opted to have panels that allowed for privacy, but also maximum light.

The problem with the uninstall … these panels were done in lead came (no putty) with really large pieces that span almost the entire panel.  They are perfectly supported while mounted, but the movement of trying to remove them causes just enough pressure for the possibility of some of the pieces stressing and cracking.  

We tried to save as many as possible, but in the end, we lost half of them.  :(

Chicago Condo Transoms - Panel 6, center detail

Chicago Condo Transoms - Here are two (of eight) of the completed panels.


Teresa Seaton

Lifting, 2013, tri panel stand stained glass with spun wire

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Long, narrow, diamond, bevel panel completed.

Fused glass large cork backed trivet and large serving bowl

With the long, narrow panel completed the real challenge begins:  getting this piece shipped to it’s destination in Pennsylvania, without damage.  It’s not being fully crated in an attempt to keep shipping costs down, but the length requires support, so a wood frame is required.  It will be boxed rather than closing off the top and bottom with wood to keep the weight down.   The measurement of the package, along with the weight determine if the shipment can go with a regular home/business delivery, or if it needs to be shipped freight.

Commissioned to elongate one of my original smaller panels.  The center section has been soldered.  Because this piece is so long and narrow, a copper reinforcement strip will be inserted on each long side, before the outer textured clear border is added.  In addition, some Zinc rebar will be inserted into the frame.  This is all to firm up the panel and try to prevent sagging and possible pressure on the glass when hanging or handling.


St Bartholomew Longbenton (by davewebster14)