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Glass is amazing! It’s a suspended liquid that moves and flows. It changes with light and the lack of light! It's smooth and glossy, it has texture and depth. It's cool, it's hot, it melts, but is strong. It sparkles. It shines. It even casts rainbows. Oh glass, how I love you!

I'm Susan, a stained glass artisan. I also work with fused glass, and make handcrafted jewelry.

This, my blog, it's where I post pics, ramble on, and share things that catch my eye, turn me on, spark a reaction, or that I just plain like. You can find pictures of projects in progress here, instead of just the finished pieces on Etsy.

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Carnival - Lucio Bubacco

Every time I see this, I am just as impressed as the first time.  Beautiful!

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Tattoo idea, pondering. Hummmm !

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Ornaments by Corinne Everhart. Corning Museum of Glass. (via Corinne Everhart | Corning Museum of Glass)

So simple but so pretty.

Waves IV - fused and soldered, fused glass insert stained glass panel.

Waves III - fused glass insert stained glass panel

New commission - Chicago Condo Transoms - just laying out the bevels for one of the windows.  There will be eight bevels and textured clear ‘patchwork’ panels in total.  Each will have a thin colored border and center, a different color for each window.  The intent is to provide privacy (fully obstructed view), while allowing for maximum light.

Waves III - after the second firing to ‘tack’ the frit.  It really could stand one more firing at a quicker tack fuse schedule to really get the ‘foam’ piled high and sharper.  If you look closely at this one, the frit was starting to round out.  It would have looked more foamy had it been left looking more like small crystals, but it was purposely held just slightly longer so there aren’t any really sharp edges if your run your fingers across it.

Cutting, foiling, and soldering the surrounding glass is next.

Also working on whipping up another panel.  Waves IV has a simpler, smoother, single fired insert embellished with bevels.

Waves III - After the first firing.  I fired at a full fuse, but on the bottom shelf, the coldest spot in my kiln, as I had a batch of coasters that needed to be fired also.  It came out as I had hoped, with the exception that I layered the green at the bottom just a tad too close to the edge, so it swelled out, and there are some visible film spots from the glue. [some of those spots are just condensation stains from window!  :(  ]  

Next, a tack firing to add some frit.

'Madonna of the Rocks' murrini by Loren Stump via Stumpchuck  -  WOW!!!  … Just WOW!!!  Holy $#@&!  WOW!

Laying out the glass for a ‘Waves III’ fused glass insert for a new panel.  (Background graphics are not included.  It’s my work surface to catch the frit … when I get to the step where I apply frit to specific areas.) 


lino tagliapietra

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On June 8th, a utility fire caused serious damage and underscored the need for new backup and safety equipment. Help give us a needed financial boost.

An incident like our recent fire can occur anytime.  We must establish a reserve fund equal to the amount needed to replace essential compressors and motors.  We must purchase safety equipment. 

Our students need to know that we will always have the ability to be up and running.  They depend on us.

Please consider making a gift - we’ll appreciate each and every one! Share this campaign on your Facebook, Twitter and webpage. And be sure to tell all  of your friends!  We thank you!

I didn’t realize that this post had a link.  Prior post contains links to their website, this campaign and their ‘Network for Good’ fundraising site. 

The above link is to the GlassRoots website in case you are interested in finding out more about who they are and what they do.  

You can find links to donate to their Indiegogo ‘fire’ fundraising or Network for Good campaigns on their site, or click through to them from this post. 

There is only about 33 days remaining on their ‘fire’ campaign and they haven’t reached their goal amount yet.  The donation tiers begin at as little as $5.

Best wishes to all!