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Glass is amazing! It’s a suspended liquid that moves and flows. It changes with light and the lack of light! It's smooth and glossy, it has texture and depth. It's cool, it's hot, it melts, but is strong. It sparkles. It shines. It even casts rainbows. Oh glass, how I love you!

I'm Susan, a stained glass artisan. I also work with fused glass, and make handcrafted jewelry.

This, my blog, it's where I post pics, ramble on, and share things that catch my eye, turn me on, spark a reaction, or that I just plain like. You can find pictures of projects in progress here, instead of just the finished pieces on Etsy.

I have an little shop on Etsy called Glitz & Grandeur. You can connect directly to Etsy, or directly to my shop by clicking the appropriate 'Etsy' or 'Glitz & Grandeur' link below.

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Chicago Condo Transom Window Panels - work in progress - panel 3 of eight, ready to be soldered.


Art Glass Vases by Michael Waysmith. FANTASTIC

Picture description:  ”A detail shot of a section of textured glass” -or- “sunlight dancing on water”.


Jade Color in Hand blown Glass

The jade collection calmly drifts towards aquatic formations by Bernard Katz Glass.


Fused glass green swirl. Bathroom window detail. For Channel 4 TV design show.


Fused glass green swirl. Bathroom window detail. For Channel 4 TV design show.

Work begins on a wide, short bevel panel.  A custom order based on one of my prior pieces.  First step:  (maybe second, after pricing, terms and deposit … I guess that would make it the fourth step) Proposed design.  I submitted two versions.  This is one was selected.


Autumn Leaves by Jacqueline McKinny. Leaves can be found at the Pismo Galleries in Cherry Creek and Vail, Colorado. The Walnut Gallery in Louisville, Colorado and Kittrell Riffkind Art Glass in Dallas, Texas. 

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Victoria & Albert Museum

London, June 2014

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Chicago Condo Transom Window Panels project - work in progress - bucket-o-glass, foiling for panel 3 … ooh shiny :)  


Stained Glass Window, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Pittsburgh PA - June 2014

Chicago Condo Transom Window Panels Project - work in progress, the smallest of the 8 panels, cutting the border strips to size.

Amber (brown) & Blue fused glass coasters.


Leaves: Ginkgo, Fall and Spring, stained glass by Erica Rollings.

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Cglass | Crispian Heath - Seeds With Wings Series

Chicago condo transom windows project - Selecting and cutting the textured clear glass, 1st of eight panels.