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Glass is amazing! It’s a suspended liquid that moves and flows. It changes with light and the lack of light! It's smooth and glossy, it has texture and depth. It's cool, it's hot, it melts, but is strong. It sparkles. It shines. It even casts rainbows. Oh glass, how I love you!

I'm Susan, a stained glass artisan. I also work with fused glass, and make handcrafted jewelry.

This, my blog, it's where I post pics, ramble on, and share things that catch my eye, turn me on, spark a reaction, or that I just plain like. You can find pictures of projects in progress here, instead of just the finished pieces on Etsy.

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Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque (by soujo)


glass | David Goldhagen


Stained Glass Window, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Pittsburgh PA - June 2014


glass | Jeffrey Pan

I came across this on Pinterest the other day.  At first I thought it was accidentally pinned to the wrong board (maybe intended for an ‘interiors’ board rather than ‘art glass’), but then I read the text and sure enough, it’s a fused glass work!:

“Carpet” -  Kathryn Wightman (Putiki, Manawatu / Wanganui, New Zealand)

2014 Finalist, The Ranamok Glass Prize

Sifted and screen printed glass powder - Screen printed glass powders were used to create a textured carpet pattern. The carpet was then intentionally distorted by walking over the unfired powder. The results were kiln formed.

Image credit:  Kathryn Wightman  Text & image via:


George Kennard’s latest project: platters. This one just came out of the annealer this morning from yesterday’s late #HotGlassShow. #cmog


Johns Hopkins University

(via newglassworks)

Dining window panel completed.  

Since it’s for personal use, this panel contains some of my favorite glass:  Optimum’s clear ripple, some Youghiogheny stipple (orange), a streaky Chicago Art Glass (center focal), and I believe a Kokomo hammered (border) and ‘Delta Frost’ textured clear glass (left over from the ‘large shower window’ project of Spring 2014, when I had to start over with a different glass.)

Long, narrow, traditional style, glue chipped bevel panel.

Laying out a simple panel for one of my dining room windows.

Finally got around to finishing the copper framing on the “Sunny Dove” panel.  Not being thrilled with this panel, it sat for months and months … I do like the rippled glass in the center of the sun!  

Michelle’s Water Panel - Take II

This spring I made a similar panel for a birthday gift.  They couldn’t decide where to hang it, so they commissioned an additional one (pictured).